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Increase customer adoption, meet compliance needs, secure your APIs, and future-proof your enterprise with Auth0.


Turnkey Enterprise Federation

Enterprise Federation can be a long, drawn-out process to get right for just one customer. Auth0 creates truly “frictionless” enterprise federation that is scalable for multiple customers at one time, saving weeks and even months with minimal effort.

  • Increase Enterprise Revenue

    Deliver a premium offering for prospective customers and accelerate the sales cycle with rapid implementation, preserving precious engineering development time.

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  • Turnkey Enterprise Federation

    Auth0 is fully scalable and accommodates Active Directory, PingFederate, LDAP, and even custom SAML-P providers for as many users as needed.

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  • User Governance

    Maintain full control and ownership of your user data at all times. Store user data securely with Auth0, in a federated database like Active Directory, or your own custom database.

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  • Federated SSO

    Federated SSO authentication is delivered by default giving your users a seamless experience as they login once and get access to all applications.

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Future-Proof with Extensibility

Your business needs will continually evolve with the ever growing needs of your customers. With our standard’s based approach and extensible platform, we assure you that your investment is future-proof. We will not only evolve with your growing needs but also enable your customers to be ahead of the game.

  • Open-standards

    From the start, Auth0 has been built on battle-tested identity standards including OpenID Connect, OAuth, LDAP, SAML, and JSON Web Tokens (JWTs).

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  • Rules

    Enhance the authentication workflow to meet your use case. Choose from many pre-built rules that can be activated with the click of a button or create your own.

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  • Auth0 Extend

    Delivered as a serverless extensibility platform, you can run custom extensions on demand, securely, and at scale with a customizable code editor right within your app.

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API Security

Improving API security in a zero-trust environment and ensuring compliance for both internal and external partner use cases can be very challenging. Auth0's open standards-based approach delivers end-to-end API security and management.

  • For Users

    Increase market reach and provide better user experiences by easily securing and exposing your APIs with support for all OAuth 2.0 grant flows and granular scopes and permissions.

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  • For Applications

    Easily facilitate secure communication between your API and both non interactive external clients as well as internal APIs with the flip of a switch.

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  • For Third-Party Developers

    Enable third-party app servers, API’s, and system backends to make authenticated requests to your API while retaining control at all times with granular scopes and permissions.

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Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication

Bad actors are constantly trying to hack into enterprises, and combining user credentials with an additional layer of safety, makes it exponentially difficult to compromise security. Auth0 goes way beyond simple MFA and employs adaptive MFA through our Guardian mobile app.

  • MFA with Auth0 Guardian

    Improve customer experience with push notifications using the Auth0 Guardian mobile app. With Guardian, customers never have to leave your app and copy-paste passcodes to finish the authentication process. Simply “accept” the notification and login.

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  • Third-Party MFA

    Integrate Auth0 into any custom MFA provider or use our pre-built integrations with Google Authenticator and Duo by simply flipping a switch in the Auth0 dashboard.

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  • Adaptive MFA

    Build conditional workflows and deliver authentication challenges using triggers such as abnormal behavior, changes in geographic location or logins from unrecognized devices.

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  • Go Beyond MFA with Anomaly Detection

    Toggle a switch and instantly enable features for breached password detection and brute force protection by using our strong database of leaked passwords that gets updated every day.

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Compliance, Security and Scale

It goes without saying that customer data security and compliance is top of mind in most boardrooms. Auth0 has built state-of-the-art security into our product, so you can take advantage of cutting-edge features designed to make protecting your users and business worry-free.

  • Industry Standard Protocols

    Increase consistency and continuity in your business operations and execution by adopting an identity platform that supports industry-wide authentication standards like OAuth and OpenID Connect.

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  • Compliance and Certifications

    Compliance with leading organizations including SOC2, GDPR, OpenID Connect, and others.

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  • Public and Private Cloud

    Host your application in Auth0's public cloud, our private cloud or in your AWS environment. Our highly-available multi-tenant cloud service can handle over 1 billion transactions daily.

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